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Uhhnnn... It depends...

In a forum, like this, we have to listen (read to give a answer), and the fact it's not exactly real time (need to access) give people time to think and explain in details. In youtube or Facebook people are quicker, since it's videos or memes to cut off, change chanel, block etc...

In a live talk people get angry (specially in countries like mine) and don't let the other speak or at least interrupt, making difficilt to elaborate a sentence and use reason in well msnner.

The only very decent and advanced dialogues I had was on internet, with few people. In my city I found even many people who are teachers of universities to be stupidy, hypocrite, close minded, tight to traditions affecting thinking, pre-manufactured phylosophy, political or religious stuck, and cowards. They are not just that but they also strange who is not. It's a misery.

Facebook made a lot of people go away from web Foruns, and it was a loss.

Will the future be a anger web, with political flags puppets on war, or a faked politically correct masked society wishing each otehr approaval, like the series Black Mirror ???

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Maybe true on social media. Never will be true in face-to-face interactions, I think

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