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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
29-30 mpg with cruise set at what speed? 29-30 mpg should be for cruising speeds like 80+ mph...have you had your vehicle serviced to see if there's anything there? When I bought my car I had a dragging brake caliper that made the first half of my first tank only ~31 mpg before fixing it. And when I had my timing belt changed along with the transmission and brake fluids, it probably added another 1 mpg or so. A dirty air filter can also harm FE, but those are relatively cheap to replace (I replaced mine for $8).
This car hasn't once seen 80. The highest it's gone is 65, but I keep it usually around 60 max. On average I'm doing 40-60 during my commute. I see about 29-31mpg with cruise set at 60.

As far as maintenance, I've performed the following:
-Flushed/changed coolant, rad cap, thermostat (180*)
-Changed transmission fluid 3X, each time about 100 miles apart, and replaced with Mobil1 Synth ATF
-Did the same to power steering fluid, replaced with Prestone Synth Asian Formula PS fluid
-Tires at sidewall max +5psi
-Full brake job including new drums, rotors, shoes, pads, lines, hardware and all sliding/contact points and pins properly lubricated.
-Spark plugs removed, cleaned, regapped to .044 per manual
-New cabin air filter
-Haven't changed air intake filter yet because the one in the car was still white and was supposed to have been recently changed, per the receipt from sister-in-law
-Haven't changed oil yet, because it too had been changed prior to my purchasing the car. Level seems a bit high though, tbh. Valvoline synth-blend 5w-20.
-Current tank has Redline SI-1 Fuel System cleaner in it because my sister in law never drove the car more than 5 miles (typically .5 miles each way to work) and she always bought cheap gas. So I'm suspecting that perhaps combustion chamber/injector deposits could be a possibility.

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