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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
At 60 mph with cruise you should be getting like 37-38 mpg, flat road, no wind. Other than what I said I can't really think of what's causing your lower readous, unless maybe the O2 sensor is failing. I'm not a mechanic by any means but it seems that if it was an O2 sensor your MPGs would be in the 20s (but don't quote me on that). But your first tank is was almost 34 mpg? What did your Scangauge reading say for the tank before you filled up? It could be pessimistic/not calibrated correctly; honestly that's what I'm down to here.

Your maintenance is good so there shouldn't be a problem there.

Anyone else have thoughts? I confess beyond what I've said I'm somewhat befuzzled. These Civics should get in the thirties without trying.
I'm honestly thinking it's the SGII, which is why I'm really just trying to be patient with my numbers until the second calibration. The first reading was off by double digits worth of inaccuracy. I forgot to add that I've also replaced the wideband 02 sensor in the header and will be replacing the downstream 02 sensor this weekend. I really enjoy working on cars, lol.
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