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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Not really aerodynamic and not really an oddity, I just wanted to point to the 4-door hardtop station wagon, a body style that last only 3-4 years:
Not sure what you mean, almost all station wagons are (were) four door.

I'd like to see a side by side comparison of a wind tunnel test using old wrap-a-round windshields compared to the later ones that followed with a more sloped inclination angle but sharper corner edges.

I bet it would be a near wash or equal.

From the wind tunnel test videos I've seen almost no air goes directly over the car, most of it angles off the hood and windshield and slides off near the rear view mirror location. This would make the windshield radii at the corners most important.

That little red wagon reminds me of this.

Sort of an aero-oddity of a trailer too.

Wish I had a side profile view.

while looking up something completely different I found another view.
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