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Wow, do I feel the love! Thanks for all the responses.

I'm a fairly seasoned Honda owner. I just sold my 98 lx not too long ago in which I replaced the clutch and trans, too. I'm going with a dx/lx transmission which will keep me geared just fine for what I feel the car can do. Input shaft bearings are the weak point on theses transmissions as stated earlier. I've got the trans and clutch set, but may send the trans to a very good builder I know to go through and replace any worn parts and replace the problematic bearings. My lx did very well for mileage with drop springs and no other aero mods....I could average 40.xxmpg at 70mph with a full load (5 persons and luggage) with a very short geared ex transmission. The key with dropping is to get the correct spring for the desired effect. Tein makes an "S" spring set.....soft or stock. That's what I'd be using. I never had problems getting through the snow and my other civic had much wider tires 195-50-14's. I'll try to get baseline measurements so before and after comparisons can be had for all to see.

Thanks again for the help offers and the warm welcome!
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