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Update! Today (30APR18) I replaced the spark plugs, air filter, oil and oil filter. Preliminary testing showed a 4mpg improvement on the SG2. The SG2 still needs it's second tank calibration as well. Here's the info...

Sparkplugs: When I pulled and cleaned my plugs when I first bought the car, I removed and replaced them individually and didn't notice the "corona" burn on the porcelain because I kept them in the sparkplug socket. Some say this is normal, some say it's a failed seal in the plug. All 4 showed corona burns. I replaced the plugs unintentionally with the same ones that were in the car, NGK platinums. Holy cow are they expensive...~$15 per plug.

Air filter: Fram cheapo. Original looked clean, but now I know FOR SURE the filter is new.

Oil and filter: Oil on the receipt from when my sister in law had the car serviced before I bought it was Valvoline high mileage synth blend... weight unknown. Filter was carquest brand. This oil was supposed to have a little less than 1000 miles on it. When I drained it, it was pretty nasty. There was a LOT of visible wear metal and shine in the oil pan, which I always clean thoroughly before any change. There was even several pieces of metal that I could pick up and feel between my fingers. I've never noticed this in any other vehicle I've owned. It was concerning, so I'll reinspect at the 60k mile mark, which is a little less than 4500 miles away.
The oil was replaced with Mobil1 5w-20 and a Fram Ultra-Synthetic XG-7317 filter. Typically, I use Mobil1 filters but I'm doing a shorter than normal OCI for this first go around and didn't want to waste a $10+ filter doing it.

Everything seems to run a bit smoother. I'll report back after my commute tomorrow to let you all know if there is a noticed MPG improvement on my daily route.
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