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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Not normie cool, but Ecomodder cool.

I once saw some clickbait about some genius college kid that saved a huge amount of money by making his own laptop stand. I say clickbait because it was stupid. It was basically a modified pizza box.

If it is stupid and it works and all of that.

Belly pan might come. Someday.

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Nice work with the skirts, hey!

Yes, shift down to keep RPMs above 1600. You may even be able to feel when the car turns off the fuel injectors a second or two after you begin to coast in gear with a warmed-up engine you might feel a slight shudder or hesitation for an instant. That's it happening. But you don't always feel it.

As for battery, it depends on a few variables, such as day or night, music or now music, lots of stops where I have to key on. But in ideal conditions I can go the 25 miles round trip to work without using the alternator at all. Usually, I start using the alternator on DFCO as soon as the engine is warmed up.
I'll have to try it if I can get over the phobia of high RPMs.

Sounds nice. My longest trip (with one exception) was 18.6 miles. So I could go completely alternator free for those, charge up a battery, and use the alternator whenever I happen to go on a longer trip.

Originally Posted by teoman View Post
While in dfco, it is ok to use the AC!
Even better. My car's getting quite warm inside with no AC use and windows always up.

Originally Posted by teoman View Post
The ac feature really should be automatic or a button on the gear shifter.

Originally Posted by teoman View Post
While it is free use as much of it as possible!
Also agree!

Originally Posted by teoman View Post
Especially for those of us who live in dense areas and us the brakes a lot.

If i remember correctly my first set of brake pads lasted 67k km. The dealer was impressed. In some environments, no matter how hard you try it is unavoidable. Had the car been configured differently the brakes could have lasted a lot longer and i would have wasted less fuel on ac and various other accessories.
I haven't braked from above 25 mph in a long time, and I generally maintain a good following distance so emergency braking isn't really a risk...unless you encounter stupid runners who try crossing the street while you're already making a turn, then throw a fit and call you the a**...

Hopefully my brakes will last forever.

Vman455: I'm not going to quote all of what you said, but that makes sense now. Weight reduction, here I come!

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