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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Even better. My car's getting quite warm inside with no AC use and windows always up.
I live in Alabama...

While I'm quite comfortable in 90degree heat at 90-95% humidity, I can't do it in a vehicle. I've been in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. All hot (sometimes VERY cold too!) and I loved the heat. However...that heat always had some wind to it. I get in a car with that super stale air and I turn into a complete ninny!

I'm in the "DFCO A/C" user category except for that first startup where I've got the AC completely blasting to bring the temp of the car back down. I'm not using my windows down because of 2 reasons.

Reason 1: I have that SWEET llumar CTX 15 tint on all my glass and Air 80 on the front and the difference in felt infrared heat with windows up and down is astounding.
Reason B : My headliner is sagging and riding with the windows down is making it worse. Once I remove the headliner to do some sound dampening and repair the headliner itself, I'll probably do more windows down cruising.

You're kickin' some serious butt here MPG guy! Keep it up! It's nice to see an enterprising young gun like yourself on here bucking the trend of college kids driving flashy luxury cars. Saw some kids from Tulane U here driving brand new BMW 540 and 740 cars traveling in a group together. They looked like football players. I said to my wife "Must be nice to grow up rich and have mommy and daddy's money before you ever have a professional job" as we got into our brand new VW Atlas . I was born in a trailer in a Podunk town in Florida to an alcoholic father and a mother who worked as a cashier at a grocery store. I've earned EVERYTHING I've got and I got to where I am by being EFFICIENT with nearly everything I've ever had...and sticking my neck're going to college so you don't have to worry about that part. You sir, are living efficiently as possible. You can live efficient with everything you get so when the time does come for you to be older and want to splurge a bit and reward yourself, you won't have to feel guilty and you'll instead feel satisfied. You've earned it. Keep it up my man!
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