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Some of us off-roaders are quite the opposite.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I am cheap.
My wife says I got a leaf because I'm "compensating".

I have found a lot of jeep people to be slightly retarded, not usually severe and profound, well maybe just a few.

Ecomodding a vehicle is just as possible as turning a jeep into a more off road capable, on road death trap.
Something as simple as taking the off road only super swamper mudder tires they always run and putting on a set of highway tires saves fuel.
God they're retarded.
All my 4x4's are vegetable powered diesels.

My daily driver is a vegetable oil powered diesel. I've looked into an electric car, but the economics favor the current state of affairs by a large margin. Burn the vege-oil till there is none to be found because every restaurant in the area has gone vegan.
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