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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
I’m not sure what your saying.

I just use the energy screen which keeps
kWh's / miles and
Gallons / miles

You have to write them down though and calculate each day

The overall fictional “mpg” on the display IS relavent for comparison on a steady trip where you drive the same distance and use a full battery everyday.

If your trip varies a lot or you are trying new routes you need to keep a mpg book of the energy display

I guess I would need to understand what you are looking for
What I really want to calculate is the bsfc of the generator, which should be possible since the data coming from the generating motor would be ththe "dyno".

Looking to calculate the efficiency of the generator system. Comparing ev to er gives a relationship, then tying that back to the efficiency of the ev would give actual efficiency. Right? Average, of course.

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