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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I was attempting to help the discussion in a Jeep forum where a member was asking for ways to improve FE. All of the comments wrote me off, or dismissed saving fuel as possible or even worthwhile. All of their assumptions were either wrong, or mostly unhelpful (install a CAI, replace the air filter).
I got a lot of this back when I participated in a Subaru WRX forum. 80% of the replies were "why did you buy this car if you wanted to save gas" or similar. Fortunately 20% were helpful, the mods moderated, and a useful discussion was possible.

Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
The economy is recovering. More people are working. More money to spend. We just don't teach frugality in the development years of schooling. This translates to the desire for more than one really requires. Most of us have to learn that post schooling.
I am familiar with two groups who buy gargantuan vehicles:
  • those who know exactly what they're doing, can afford it (or think they can), and don't care about running costs
  • those desiring to fit in with societal peers
These groups have occasional overlaps, such as soccer moms.
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