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Originally Posted by westb87 View Post
Frankly, I wish she'd have sold the car to me with bald tires so I'd actually have a reason to replace them with something quality.
Same, but we gotta deal with what we have for now! I suppose for now my current tires are just a reminder that I haven't hit a final FE peak yet!


Started doing some P&G today with success. Since the college portion of my classes are done, my 15-20 mile twice a week commutes where I averaged 48-53 mpg are over; now my commutes are all 5-6 miles where I previously averaged 40-43 mpg.

Well now I've started doing P&G until my engine coolant temperature reaches the minimum threshold for the RPMs to be "normal" (71C/160F). Has definitely been helping a lot, and I've been averaging 46 mpg for this past week, on all short 5-6 mile trips, which means that I should be getting over 50 mpg on any 10+ mile trip without too much effort. Problem is, I don't have anywhere I need to go that's over 10 miles away.

I need a longer commute so I can get better MPG numbers...but that'd mean more gas being used and negative savings with all factors considered.

Still no work resumed on the wheel skirts as I've been too busy lately.

All mods have been holding up perfectly so far. No issues with the self tapping screws/washers on the air dam, and my duct-tape covered cardboard has held up perfectly to 3 rainstorms and multiple foggy mornings so far.

And apparently my signature picture thingy changed since my first tank was over 90 days ago...drat, now it's no longer my lifetime average...and it's still not up to what I'm averaging currently lol. But the numbers do look better on it though.
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