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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
My assessment as well. I was trying to provide feedback. 'I' vs 'it' is pretty fundamental to understanding.

Angel And The Wolf Are you proposing using the original rear axle?
Yes, for simplicity and to preserve the suspension, though I had considered looking to see if removing the differential gears for lightening would affect the location of the hubs., or maybe welding a straight pipe between the outer six inches of the axel to replace much of the castiron of the axle.
Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You could substitute a beam axle to control the ride height. And Couriers probably had a pop-up tent top that would drop right in if you could find one.
Trying to keep the height below the Prius' spoiler highth so that the air sees nothing wider or taller than the Prius.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I'd think about cutting external storage lockers into the outside of the bed fore and aft of the wheel well, and having a top that split down the middle and hinges up into sidewalls on the bed sides. Or clear over to support a bunk-size mattress on either side.
I do plan a triangular cargo box following the lines of the trailer tongue so that there are no corners to poke the rear of the Prius in any turn the tongue can make safely. Don't want any added projections on the sides. A tapered box on the tailgate, built such that the tailgate can drop fully down when opened, might help the air flow reattach with less drag area, but the tail gate has to be vertical when opened.

IF, I discarded the bed, and built my own on the frame, I could build a taper box, where the courier bed is basically rectangular.

As for the fold out:see

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