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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Making an idler or electric brake axle would reduce the weight by around 200lb.

You don't want to run little bias ply trailer tires.
Well, that's another thing I thought I might keep on the courier bed, is the brakes, but I'm not sure how to regulate them to work with the car brakes. Do I set them to work stronger, and let the trailer pull the car down?

As to the extra weight, the penalty is in extra gas used in acceleration and up hills, but on a round trip, that extra weight might be a plus in working the regenerative brakes a bit harder slowing the car downhill under cruise control.

If I fair the trailer properly, the longer length of the car/trailer might bring a lower CD without increasing frontal area.

Well, a lot of this probably belongs on my own thread. I don't mean to hijack.
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