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150cc scooter bodywork--FREE

I was gifted a 2008 Roketa/Jonway Fiji 150cc scooter. I almost bought one ten years ago after wanting a Ruckus but not liking the idea of a 49cc scooter that wouldn't keep up with normal traffic. My game plan then was to strip it of all bodywork and build my own "Ruckus". I didn't do it then but I have one now and it hasn't cost much of anything yet. Gotta like freebies and good friends!!

Anyway I've tried to find a home for all the plastic and surprisingly despite ads on Craigslist and stops at the Chinascooter shops around town no one wants it.

While working on the scoot this evening I looked over at it and realized that at least the headlight section (upper forward portion of the bodywork) might be handy in the construction of a fully streamlined two wheeler. That portion measures approximately 24" x 20" x 10" so it could be shipped.

Go to Google, give the scooter a look-see and if you think you could use it PM me and we'll work something out.

(Conversely if you happen to own one of these and need the bodywork holler at me. Shipping the whole mess might be cost prohibitive as the forward lower piece is pretty big. I just hate to throw it all away knowing somebody out there needs it.)

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