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If you look at the priuses, used ones can easily be gotten with 300k miles on, that still drive!
I presume it's the electric motor to assist in acceleration, that's the main reason for those engines to last longer (although some older priuses with burnt motor/generators have been spotted, which is a good $3k-5k on repairs).

The most efficient is indeed when the gasoline engine does the job on the highway, and the electric motor is only to assist in any acceleration.

I think that's what most manufacturers are doing right now. And equip a battery powerful enough to capture regenerative braking and provide minor acceleration torque added on the engine.

It would have been even better if they would harvest exhaust energy (like a turbo), but instead of compressing the air in the engine, use the energy to drive a generator, which charges the battery while driving (or drives the electric motors for a tiny amount of power added to the wheels).

The system of a motor charging the battery, while driving, is one that puts more wear on the batteries, and reduces efficiency.

If you want a great deal, take a look at the Ford Fusion Energi.
They say it's a turtle on the highway, but 104 eMPG doesn't sound too bad, does it? Neither does their $9k cash rebate.
Their Energi (a $30k car), Hybrid ($25k car), and regular Fusion ($22k car), all sell for the same price!
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