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The factory guage was very close, less than 1 mpg above actual.

Yes, I am serious about mpg efficiency, I bought a new Toyota Prius in 2008 and drove it till I traded it in on the Elantra. It got great mpg, 52 average here in Tallahassee. However, it had a few mechanical problems that I had repaired so I decided not to push my luck by keeping it.

I know how to drive the prius to get the best mpg, but the Elantra is a completely different type drive train. The prius thrives in stop and go traffic, the Elantra does not. The Elantra likes a steady even speed, from 15 to 60 mph. As long it is a steady speed it will be getting over 50 mpg. I'm sure it is because the 1.4 turbo GDI is so efficient.

It does have a dual clutch 7 speed transmission with manual shift, but I really don't know the proper time to shift to improve mpg.

By the way, thanks for the pointers.
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