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hate and vitriol

Originally Posted by hydrive View Post
The reason why he resonates with me is that he does not deny the science. Global warming is real, and the amount of gases we are dumping into the air is not healthy for the environment.

But, he really puts the eco-nazis in their place with real solutions and puts a stop to the vitriol. I have never understood why this issue garners so much hate and vitriol, from both sides. Eco nazis that begin by calling you stupid is no better than the denial community which rejects the science.

They are both serious problems. COOL IT is the first bridge between these two radical extremes to explore science based solutions.
If we stand in their mocassins,we'll see things exactly as they do.We'll be equally as passionate.
And with 7,000,000,000 opinions on the matter,there's plenty of room for confusion.
And as 'he who pays the piper gets to call the tune',you'll want to follow the money,as 'Deep Throat' used to say.
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