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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Their answer is to use wind and solar power that we don't have and probably can't create enough of to charge grid storage batteries that could never be manufactured and drive electric cars that we also cant make batteries for.

Nearly everyone with a physics or engineering background says we need more nuclear power because it's the only technology that scales up, it's entirely possible we could be generating half our power from nuclear 20 years from now.
But nuclear power is bad. It must not be as bad as the CO2 released by bring coal, that's how I can tell they really are not that worried about it or just don't know anything about the nuclear fuel life cycle.
The wind and solar energy is there.
If we capture more of it we'll have more to use.
Tesla is already succeeding at grid-scale storage today in Australia.China is experimenting to find the best fit storage for them.
Tesla believes they'll be able to knock $9,000 off their packs with the Gigafactory.Lithium is very plentiful and 100% recyclable.
Hyundai didn't anticipate the lead time necessary to score enough batteries for their products.
Even the English knew they'd have 9-months to wait for Irish newborns to fill the meat departments of their grocery stores.
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