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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Along with personal transportation larger than an e-bike with a 500Wh battery. Think what we will have left THEM 200 years from now.
Cars are energy agnostic.It doesn't matter where the power comes from.
Since EVs basically embody the best-case-scenario as far as CO2 is involved,we'd be foolish not to think hard about them.Seems.
Raise the price of gas to $15/gallon,or charge oil companies for the ARMY,NAVY,MARINE CORPS,AIRFORCE,CIA,NSA,NRO,etc.,and see how that reflects prices at the pump,then stand back and watch what people do in the marketplace.
Remember,Adam Smith talked of a free market.He wasn't for democracy.He wasn't a republican.He'd seen first hand the abuses of The British East India Company.He said that the only reason a rich man could sleep peacefully at night,was because he had a strong government watching his back.And his best friend was an atheist.
Fossil cars will become like Typhoid Mary some day.
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