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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Australia has less than 10% of the population of the US and uses maybe 5% of the electrical power. So I'm only maybe 5% impressed a grid backup worked.

Fossil fuel powered cars are still going to be dominating new car sales through at least 2040. A large portion may be plug in hybrid but they will still be able to burn liquid fuel.
Abraham Lincoln,when interviewing Ulysses S.Grant,asked Grant how many Union soldiers it would cost to prevail at a particular battle.When Grant told Lincoln the number of tens of thousands killed that it would take,Lincoln expressed gratitude,that he'd finally met a general who understood arithmetic.
Perhaps,somewhere,in the world,there are people today who understand the arithmetic of electrical power and grid backup who's analysis would resonate with you.
Perhaps your prediction will play out.I've seen others.
I'm reluctant to slam people who are trying.
Fossil people won't go down without a fight.Who'd blame them.
Without a war declaration it will be hard to distinguish true patriots from slackers.
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