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Been getting a crap ton of rain here lately and my duct tape covered cardboard mods are still holding up perfectly. Still haven't gotten around to the wheel skirt project due my busy schedule, but P&G is helping MPG a previous best trip of 52.5 MPG over 18.6 miles was beat yesterday with 52.8 MPG over a trip of only 5.7 miles.

Trip averages prior to P&G were around 45, now they're around 46, but I'm still learning how to P&G for maximum efficiency so it's exact benefit can't be quantified yet.

50 is looking more reasonable again once I get around to putting these next mods on. Problem is, I'm almost out of painters tape and it's $10 for another roll. Not expensive of course, but ROI...

Going to replace the O2 sensor here soon hopefully. Haven't noticed a drop in MPG, but hey, it can't hurt.

Do bad O2 sensors gradually decrease mileage or is it a sudden drop?

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