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Pulled over, but for getting 55mpg without hypermiling.

So I wasn't hypermiling nor is my car ecomodded yet. And I still got pulled over for excessively good fuel mileage, in a sense.

I have a 1985 VW non-turbo diesel Golf. Going up Crow Hill out of Bailey I couldn't keep the speed limit. Mind you, the car is in good running condition. But by calculation, the 52hp engine is putting out less than 40hp at the attitude I was driving (7,700ft at the base of the pass.) Add that to three adults and a lot of luggage going up a long steady 7% grade.

I wasn't hypermiling. I downshifted into third and glued my foot to the floor. I did keep right to let traffic by. I think I hit 40mph in a 50mph zone. My commercial driving instincts even caused me to turn on my flashers (which may have been a mistake.) Next thing I know I see someone else's flashing lights that were blue and red. I pull over and the cop says, "Is your car road worthy?" "Yes." I reply. "Are you sure?" He asks. "Yes, the car normally does the speed limit just fine." I tell him. He gives me a warning for defective vehicle and for impeding traffic and asks if I'd feel safer if he followed me home.

After making it to DIA I also went to Cortez and then back to Gunnison in my "defective" VW that same weekend, over 840 miles.


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