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From the article: "diminishing supply of crude oil."

This is what we deserve for getting our entertainment from Jalopnik.

Comments: "Gasoline here in Houston is 60 cents per gallon more now than it was when President Trump took office. That means the annual increase in fuel costs is more than the tax cut I got."

"Good luck getting those mpg figures in a F150, especially that 20mpg city. I have a FoST and can barely get 20mpg city."

"Gas is going up again? Guess Iíd better head on down to Ford and buy a Foc- wait, what? They stopped what now? Really? Now why on earth would they- Oh? But.. but what doesnít make any sense. They had to have known! They had to!"

"As a 130-miles-a-day commuter for the past 18 years, I can say with 100% certainty that every April and May I get to read the many articles talking about rising gas prices like its some new phenomenon. Summer spike, people. Every year. Same stinking articles."

Except this is a three-year high. How much worse before it is scheduled to get better?

"Bring on the electric cars. And subsequent rolling brownouts in CA."

"I usually just deal with the 19mpg, but my record is 28. It was miserable."

"Iíve tried to make the numbers work for also owning a small, efficient commuter but the gas savings barely offset insurance and estimated maintenance in the absolute best case."
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