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It puts the strikeout on the text! I looked up how to do this, read that it needed to be enabled, and it did not work, so I used MS Paint! It is just [ S ] [ / S ] in square brackets!
You're exploring the outer limits of BBcode. vBulletin doesn't support stikethrough natively. Try putting an hyperlink inside a quote.

Originally Posted by jamesqf
And just this morning, I was reading a news article about Trump voters small business owners losing business because they couldn't hire enough temporary foreign workers for jobs enough Amurricans won't do:
The other example I have of gas pump girls is Forest Grove, OR in the mid-80s. They had Vietnamese girls [?] in short shorts. It was a different time.

Without freedom of speech we wouldn't know who all the idiots are.
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So now everything we knew all along is now true?
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