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He gives me a warning for defective vehicle and for impeding traffic and asks if I'd feel safer if he followed me home.
Last part creeps me out.

I may as well mention that the Dasher is in the shop. I had the fuel pump replaced and the mechanic (whom I trust when he's not off his meds) delivered the car to me with a failed fan and blown head gasket. I'll have to wait for quality assurance until the owner comes back from Hawaii. (must be rough)

OTOH, I've got a nominal 48hp and a 5-speed. Because of the space available with the longitudinal layout, I'd prefer a 20hp altermotor to the turbo. Or at least before the turbo.

but since then I turned back the maximum injection so that at these altitudes I can't feel any power difference, but at the same time I've reduced the black cloud effect greatly.
Can I subscribe to your newsletter? Is it in the shop manuals?

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