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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I may as well mention that the Dasher is in the shop. I had the fuel pump replaced and the mechanic (whom I trust when he's not off his meds) delivered the car to me with a failed fan and blown head gasket. I'll have to wait for quality assurance until the owner comes back from Hawaii. (must be rough)
Ouch! Sounds like he didn't adjust the timing correctly after installing the injection pump. Wrong timing apparently can cause all sorts of problems, like burn glowplugs and such. I need to tackle the timing belt on mine but am a bit scared of messing things up.
Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
OTOH, I've got a nominal 48hp and a 5-speed. Because of the space available with the longitudinal layout, I'd prefer a 20hp altermotor to the turbo. Or at least before the turbo.
Altermotor? Like a hybrid with the motor where the alternator goes? I've often thought of making either one of my VW's a hybrid by either doing that or figuring out how to run two chain drive off of sprockets attached to each transmission output flange where the CV axles bolt on.
Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Can I subscribe to your newsletter? Is it in the shop manuals?
I didn't know my work was that interesting. I'll have to look in my Bentley's repair manual to see what it says about the max injection adjustment. It was capped off so that it couldn't be adjusted, I guess for emissions reasons. Although Bosch did make diesel injection pumps with automatic attitude adjustment, VW apparently never used them until the could adjust it electronically with the TDI engines. Still, anything I researched said black smoke was from too much fuel. And I put two and two together, if the car is adjusted for sea level operation and I'm where air is now 25% thinner, maybe that's why nobody behind me can see where they're going up at the top of Monarch Pass (12,000ft IIRC).
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