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Originally Posted by deluxx View Post
I would invest in gorilla tape.
Gorilla tape and duct tape can potentially harm your car's paint in the heat. Painter's tape is safe and so far has held on perfectly well. I have covered the painters tape with silver duct tape to hide the blue color.

Originally Posted by deluxx View Post
If it ain't broke don't fix it!
Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
What makes u say ur O2 is bad? Also, before replacing it, consider cleaning it with gasoline. Search google. I am about to try it for the first time. But I got the CEL P0420, which indicates trouble in the secondary O2 or the CAT.
My check engine light is on, and by scanning the error code it's pointing to the O2 sensor on bank 1. EDIT: Error code P0135 I think??

MPGs haven't dropped fact I made a HUGE new MPG record today - coming home from work tonight I scored 58.2 MPG doing P&G 31 mph > 39 mph > 31 mph, repeatedly. No traffic allowed me to use maximum hypermiling skills. Torque showed a high of 59.6 at one point, but that was before the final hill...and the last half mile of the trip I get 55 mpg, which has been higher than my trip averages until now, but which pulled me down too here. No wind, decent outside temperature of 62F (16.7C). This gave me my first day average of above 50 MPG (50.7 MPG). P&G really does help...when traffic permits...which it did tonight.
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