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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
OK, I'm assuming what you mean by that, and based on that I'm going to say: don't get a 2000 Hyundai.

You can fix poor cD to some extent... without making the car look unusual (if that's a concern).

Of course, the lower the starting point, the better, if you have a choice.
Lol! Well put. I have lurked as a quest for the longest and remember the guy with the ZX-3 who went very radical with it and was only able to get about 44.x mpg for his effort. Nothing against him, I just use that data to my benefit.

The 4 door is a better starting point from a drag perspective. I really love the ZTEC engine's reliability but I don't like the fact that you can't swap out 5th gear with a taller one.

The ZX2 is a better bet, but they are VERY rare around here too. The thing I like about the ZX2 is the ability to swap out the 5th gear cheaply.

I am in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area and have been ripped off a few times on Craigslist already....seems that the ripoff rate is a bit higher around here. Makes it even tougher lol.
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