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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I'm saying fossil fuel generation should go away, save the coal for making steel.
Replace fossil fuel with nuclear power. There is something like a 300 to 500 year supply of uranium and at least a 1000 year supply of thorium. By the time those run out nuclear fusion should be figured out.
Yes, moving away from combustion as fast as we can is what the climatologists are recommending.
There was hope for carbon sequestration,but the best so far is an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant with carbon capture,at a cost of $30/ton,but at $79/M-W it cannot compete price-wise in an open market.
Save the precious hydrocarbons for durable goods,chemicals,chemical intermediates,etc.,rather than send it up a stack as smokeless exhaust.
The nukes that are already online could continue through their useful life,generating at zero CO2.
New nukes might be a hard sell,as they're more expensive than other current power technologies.
Thorium,I believe,is already heading for service in Australia.I think it's Lockheed-Martin doing modular package units.
Fusion always seems to be 20-30-years down the road.Sorry! No crystal balls at my place.
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