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a gallon of

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Everything we are capable of now is the direct result of vast energy availability from fossil fuel. It is so energy dense, transportable, storable, and cheap, it is nearly indistinguishable from magic. 1 gallon of gas or diesel has 35kWh of thermal energy. For 5 bucks.

570 Liters of diesel per day = 5,700 kWh per day. Even if you cut that by2.5 for the extra efficiency of electric motors with round trip losses you get 2,300 kWh per day for a large size farm machine. 12 Tesla grid scale 200kWh powerpacks per day to hot swap in and out. for just one tractor. We are going to need to start making a lot of wire to get all of this power around.
Mark Mathis will agree.Same for Steve Palmisano,Kevin Miller,Jonah Goldberg,Michael Economides,Niger Innis,Fred Smith,John Hofmeister,Robert Bryce,Paul Driessen,Dan Kish,Ben Leiberman,Robert Hirsch,Steve Pearce,Bruce Vincent,Randall O'Toole,and many others.
The thing that strikes me so strongly though,is the conviction among climate scientists,that we're flirting with disaster if we do business as usual.
Agribusiness is such a small fraction of overall energy use,and the equipment would run on biofuels.It would be one of the smartest candidates for these liquid fuels,as it would still be net-zero carbon.
Ethanol corn could go towards farms instead of E10 gasoline/ICE automobiles.
If little Barbie needs to get to her ballet lesson,Barbie doesn't need to drive her there on fossil fuels.
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