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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
These low prices keep getting parroted but they are completely unfounded in reality. Bid prices for future solar projects are based on many factors which artificially reduce the bid mainly in that they don't consider the substantial feed in tafiff incentives and tax credits that are also applied. Countries that invest heavily in rebuildables such as Germany and Australia always find the wholesale price of electricty to rise. Grid scale solar farms in the USA are quoting at $2/ nameplate Watt. Which only do 25% of nameplate annually in the best locations. So $8/ W. Rooftop is $3.30/ Watt. In NY it does 13% capacity factor.
I can't go to India to vet the information.Like everyone else I'm at the mercy of the internet.
What was reported,was that a Finnish company was providing solar-derived electrical power,at 2.44-cents/kW-h.India's filthiest,cheapest coal-fired power plants could not provide power any cheaper than 3.1-cents/kW-h.
India was cancelling all new coal-fired power plant construction.They didn't parse it out an any more detail.
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