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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
This is my big emphasis right now. to help people understand that we have been greenwashed by under informed people and media as to the scale of our dilemma and complete reliance on super dense liquid fuel to feed the world and transport all of our stuff (made with carbon intense industry) that keeps the economy from crashing. The sooner we realize and accept that there is no techno salvation coming at that scale, the sooner we can start trying to make wiser decisions as to how to let down more gracefully.
Please bear in mind that others perceive carbonwashing going on at the same time.
West Wave Films' 'spOILed' is worth noting.It's a very professional, documentary-style production with many interviews,data, and a narrative which mirrors much of what you've shared with us.
Everything mentioned within the film is 'true' when viewed through a particular lens or filter.Very contextual.
It would not be 'absolute' within a strict Ayn Rand interpretation.And even she might petition us to 'check our premises.'
If you don't own it,or haven't seen it,it's definitely worth a look.Very revealing.
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