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A single phase CHAdeMO would be awesome! I've seen some that were rated for 50Hz. But I'm not sure if they'd work in North America with 60Hz.

Seems like I remember 3.3kW Brusa chargers being about $5,000 brand new, but I've seen some used for a few hundred on eBay. But that was a while back, and sometimes it's too good to be true too.

Have you thought about any sort of range extender? I keep going back and forth ok several ideas. There are quite a few now getting a few dozen extra miles by means of am auxiliary battery in the trunk or even in the spare tire area.

About spare tires, it looks like Australian Leafs come equipped with them. Also, I want to say that the Altima (I could be wrong) spare tires work on the Leaf. But I do wonder if there's any difference in rims between the 2011 & 2012 Leafs and the 2013 and later Leafs. I do know that the brakes and some other parts are different, so could mess with the fitment of a doughnut, although I suspect they probably are the same.
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