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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
Sounds good! Got any pics?
Not yet, the wheel skirts are the same as the old ones just trimmed a bit. And the tail extension hasn't been coated in duct tape yet so it'a basically just a piece of cardboard. It extends about 8 inches (I think?) out.

Problem is, it's been raining this whole week...and tomorrow I'm busy the whole day just like today...and on Wednesday we leave and I'm out of the country for like almost 4 weeks.

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I think whether cleaning ruins o2 sensors is a matter of how you do it. Do what others have done with success and take it easy and it should be fine. I think if you have an intermittent failure it will come back, sooner or later, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. I do think CELs can get set off in error. It is just voltage fluctuations that communicate the messages to the ECU. I think old machines learn new tricks.

I got my P0420 again tonight, despite cleaning the sensors the other day. My next move is clean the CAT itself, since I now can eliminate the O2 sensor as the source. Science!
It still doesn't make sense how the error code persists despite resetting it a couple times, and yet my MPGs are just fine. These last seven days have averaged above 50 MPG, and my tank is supposedly up to 46.9 MPG currently based on the Torque app. This is my first full tank monitored with Torque so idk how accurate is, but it seems to be fairly close compared to the fuel tank. I still have another 140 or so miles before the low fuel light turns on, and since I'll only be going 20-21 more miles before leaving, I won't know the outcome of this tank until mid June.

The suspense is killing me. That and the CEL lol.
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