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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Most people in the world do not have their own roof or availble land that faces the equator. And the weather in my area of North East USA will provide near zero output for many days during the winter. And we don't have enough resources to produce batteries for 1.2 billion electric cars to replace our growing fleet.
So the original poster's premise to offer an opposing view to the statement "all we have to do to solve our problems is to put solar panals on our roofs and buy an electic car", is correct. Personal transportaion is a very small portion of our total energy consumption as a civilization. If everyone does a little, we will gain... a little.
Our whole society model needs to change. People will ride bikes to get around. And do work for survival instead of holding a "job".
Yeah,it's hard to reflect the past into the future.What a ride!
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