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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
- "As indicated in Fig. 4.12, the flow underneath a car spreads outward to the sides. Consequently the wheels are approached at an angle of yaw.... A yawing angle causes the drag of a wheel to increase; Fig. 4.75 gives a typical example. For a yawing angle of 15 degrees the wheel's drag coefficient is more than three times the value for zero yaw."
Wow, thanks - not what I expected at all, and not what I recall reading in the forum before.

As I visualize this, it would seem that the most effective spat would be one that not only covers the front of the wheel but the entire inside length.

That inside length or surface area is 2-4 times that of the width by my estimation.

For the front wheels the inside barrier (linear spat strip) would have to bow/curve and accommodate for steering arc.

Do we have a percentage of air escaping out the sides at 15 degree angle based on the amount originally entering under the front chin spoiler?

My truck has a chin spoiler that is lower than the sides, I assume that increases the amount or ratio of air escaping out of the sides.

On most cars the line of the lowest front barrier is near equal to the sides. That is our most common condition, right?

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