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Originally Posted by Isaac Zackary View Post

His response was very nice. He stated that he didn't understand why my car was going so much slower than the rest of the traffic, but thought he could use that as an excuse to make sure I wasn't drunk or something. He assured me he observed me to be a law abiding citizen and trusted my judgment. He also thanked me for being polite and interested in safe driving. He also stated that the way I was driving was perfectly legal and sent me a quotation of the law about impeding traffic that specifically mentions that a car can drive slower under such circumstances, but said he had no other recommendation of what to do other than what the law already states.

So personally I feel he was being sincere both when he pulled me over and in his letter. It just felt odd to be pulled over especially for not doing anything wrong, since I hardly ever have been pulled over. And it's not like I don't ever get scoffed at for driving this car. Even close friends and family seem to think I'm nuts.
The officers reply goes against what he told you initially when he pulled you over. A warning goes on your record and will be seen by any other officer that runs your info, practically guaranteeing a citation the next time. If he gave you a warning for defective vehicle (whatever that means, I challenge to find that law), and impeding traffic (there had to have been traffic actually slowed down by your vehicle), and then later said you were perfectly in the right, then he was disingenuous when he pulled you over.

Cops don't really pull people over for minor infractions with issuing a citation being the end goal; it's an opportunity to interrogate for something more interesting of higher consequence.

I understand the necessity for the tactic, but I'll usually save them some time by stating that I'm not doing anything wrong, and that I'll be about my business if it's alright with them.

It's nice the guy responded to you, but I maintain it was a jerk move to issue a warning. The conversation should have been his asking if there is something wrong with your vehicle, you stating that there isn't, and him saying have a good day and keep safe.
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