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Originally Posted by Crashy View Post
In NZ, until recently, unleaded was double the price of diesel. Petrol gets heavily taxed at the pump, while diesel users pay a tax per km. In theory, if you could go 51% petrol, 49% diesel then you would save 25% overall. But diesel gets 35% better mpg, so you would need to add another 17% to your km/$ figure. Australia is similar I think.

Can we call this myth plausible yet?
It wasnít fair of me to consider thatfuel prices abroad arenít necessarily the same as they are here in WV... I will still assume that higher octane gasoline will cost more than regular...

Best possible case scenario, you live at a really high elevation, and are not bothered by the cost of obtaining race fuel... with 100 octane unleaded race fuel, and at an elevation of a mile or more, you *may* get away with 15% diesel(85 octane at that point) and have a lower compression engine live... but the fuel would still only be about one percent more energy dense than gasoline and any gains from that would be really hard to quantify, and here in the US, race fuel costs more than $7 a gallon, or double the cost of diesel...

Diesel engines get ~30-35% better mileage than an equivalent gas engine because the Diesel combustion cycle is more thermally efficient than the Otto combustion cycle, NOT just because the fuel is more energy dense

Originally Posted by Crashy View Post
Okay, fair enough, but he painted over Alaska, lol
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