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We'll be using all kinds of energy sources for the coming decades.
Instead of fighting each other these should cooperate to maximize efficiency.

Dutch research firm TNO proposes doing just that by linking offshore wind farms up with oil and gas platforms in their vicinity:
Offshore production platforms consume some of the gas produced to supply the power used on the platform. If the top 10 gas-consuming platforms were to be connected to the offshore electricity grid, this could deliver a net saving of roughly 500,000 metric tons of CO₂ per year.
TNO proposes changing the law which demands that all current produced by offshore wind farms should be transferred to land so grid operator TenneT can start supplying offshore installations.

But that's not all.
Once hooked up these platforms can play a different role in the whole energy structure. They could obviously bear wind turbines, adding to the grid. But they can also be used as energy stores by storing hydrogen generated when supply exceeds demand:

If you like to read a lot:

Green technology and fossil fuel giants collaborating for a better future... I gotta make a flower chain necklace
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