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It does!

It's not quite as strong as I'd like, but that's probably the half-done lead acid batteries I was using. I'll find out for sure once I reconfigure my lithium pack to fit!

But, making up for it, it turns out that it has regenerative braking! I'm thrilled!

That might not seem all that note worthy, especially with the sturdy brakes on it, but it was one big let-down on my previous one. And good luck buying an after-market controller affordably that will do regen.

Despite the lead, I got it up to 40km/hr on level ground, in "third gear". It has 3 virtual gears, and a switch to choose them. And a mechanical speedo, so it's not completely out to lunch with the reported speed. Bench tested/no-load, with my lithium pack (~56v), it was spinning at ~50km/hr. Not bad for a 500-watt motor!

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