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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Well I was thinking PV and wind, the 2 most commonly thought of when discussing renewables. Most of best hydro sources have already been exploited.

The idea that some part of the country that is sunny can not only provide its own electrical needs, but supplement some shaded part of the country seems unlikely to me.

Storing excess generating capacity via pumped hydro or other some such potential kinetic energy sounds reasonable to me.

I'm still not seeing how renewables factor in when sufficient and non-adjustable output nuclear power is available.
From Lomberg,
'...potentially unlimited renewable energy resources definitely are within economic reach.'
'... solar energy influx is equivalent to about 7,000 times present global energy consumption.'
'The US Energy Information Agency estimates that solar energy could cover the entire American energy requirement more than 3.5 times over.' page 134
' a larger diversification of production.' page 135
Oil will run out in 2041 page 135
Gas will run out in 2061 ditto
Coal will run out in 2231 ditto
Uranium will run out in 16,001 ditto
India's got a lot of thorium
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