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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
"[R]ainforests are responsible for roughly one-third (28%) of the Earth’s oxygen, but most (70%) of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants."

They say that warming oceans reduce nutrients coming from the depths, so marine plants produce less oxygen. I keep thinking that if we just create a shade then places (maybe just Phoenix places--forget those not named for things on fire) will cool down, but maybe shading the oceans would be less helpful if ocean plants then produced less oxygen.

This just means I will visualize UV film instead of mylar.
According to Ohio State University,for the land-based biosphere,all photosynthesis ceases beyond 104-degrees F.
There may be an equivalent analogue with marine flora.
So far,I'm mostly hearing about coral bleaching and coral die off events,and it's impact on ocean fisheries.
As the poles warm,the delta-T between there and the equator lessens,which in turn reduces density-sensitive hydrodynamics.
The ocean acidification is also preventing shells of many marine species from developing.The carbonic acid formed by dissolved atmospheric CO2 has lowered the pH below the threshold at which calcium carbonate can withstand the seawater.
Which in turn affects the life forms which would otherwise feed on these creatures.Nice!
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