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resource intensive

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The fact that we are even considering electolytic Hydrogen with it's 30% round trip efficiency as a means of energy storage demonstates what we are up against when it comes to trying to maintain a baseload grid from intermittent sources. The author's contention is that batteries are so resource intensive and embody so much energy in their refining and manufacturing that their superior efficiency of 83% is swamped.
From Lomberg,
'...a modern windmill($3-million installed cost)can produce the energy used for it's own production within just three months.' circa 1997 (page 135)
The present TESLA (PANASONIC) automotive batteries are reflecting a 20-year service life.
For their 'installed cost',it would be great to see a life-cycle cost analysis.The US Commerce Dept. tracks this sort of thing,although it may be proprietary.
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