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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
But it even more important to realize that it is impossible to even come close to replacing liquid fuel with rebuildables for heavy mining, farming, infrastructure build out and repair ect.
Lets fact check that.
Electric vehicles for construction, agriculture and mining will be a $87 billion market in 2028. Komatsu, John Deere, Caterpillar, and others manufacture the big vehicles - mainly hybrid - while other manufacturers offer smaller, pure-electric versions.

Industry experts discussing electic and hybrid equipment:
Are Off-Highway Equipment and Heavy-Duty Trucks Going All-Electric? | Machine Design

Certainly the industry thinks it can be done and is working very hard to make it happen.

Heavy equipment generally stays more or less in one location.
They have to deal with enormous forces rather than power (= force times distance).
Electric motors are perfect for that.
That's why many heavy construction vehicles don't use their engines to drive it directly; instead they solely power a generator to drive electric motors and hydraulic pumps.
As batteries improve and fuel price and environmental concerns rise we'll see many of those engine generators get replaced by battery packs.

One interesting feature is the trend of using relocatable PV panel grids and wind farms at remote giant open mines.
It is often more expensive to transport diesel there than its purchase price, and the mines operate for decades on end, so not having to move the energy source in is an even bigger asset there than in urban, more accessible locations.
High altitude (> 4000 m) equipment already is mostly electric anyway.

Rather than impossible to even come close, we're well underway.
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