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We are depleting water by our farming methods.
We are eroding the soil, because we are using artificial fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides.
We are depleting phosphorus, by not returning our waste to the soil.

Also, our farming is contributing to climate change - water soluble nitrogen becomes nitrous oxide - which is a MUCH stronger than methane.

Drought and changes in precipitation are having massive effects on our water supply, already.

Sea level rise has already begun to force people to migrate - as many as 2/3rds of people live near the coast, and will be affected more and more in the coming decades.

We are dumping ... everything into the ocean. We are making the ocean more acidic, and warmer water holds less oxygen - and it will start to release the massive amount of carbon dioxide it has been absorbing. We are causing dead zones with that fertilizer runoff, and we are overfishing on a vast scale.

We may not have ocean fishing in just a few decades.

Crops are becoming less nutritious with increased carbon dioxide.

We are melting glaciers that are the source of water for many people. We have drastically changed the patterns of rainfall. We have changed the jet stream, and the Gulf Stream.

Climate change is already costing us billions each year, and it will accelerate.

We are in the midst of the Sixth Extinction. And it is more rapid than most of the previous five. Insects are down by about 70% in just the past several decades.

What else have you got?
Sincerely, Neil
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