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Well... I'd suppose it would work like it does on my Insight:
Lift the accelerator pedal --> mild regen;
Touch the brake pedal --> medium regen, virtually no physical braking;
Adding pressure to the brake pedal --> increasing regen until max, gradually more physical braking.

The brake pedal feels normal and causes deceleration in line to how deep it is pressed, but the first part is mostly regen until that maxes out. At that time there already is some physical braking, but not much.

Going down long slopes at a steady pace in Germany's Eifel mountains while slightly pressing the brake pedal to max out regen, it will suddenly accelerate when it decides the hybrid battery is brimmed and needs no more.
Luckily it also has flappy paddles to fake gears so I then bump it down a couple of 'gears' for engine braking. Going down long steep slopes hardly ever braking for real.
Anyway, that's the Insight and its CVT.
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