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state of the world

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The free market doesn't work. Every year 1% of the world population runs off with 78% of the new wealth. And for what? to squander it at the expense of future generations.
And these are the best of times. With no growth there is no investment. No free market investor is going to invest in something that loses 10% every year. But we still need to build out a whole new way of life after fossil fuel.
Once increasing access to energy turns the corner, and GDP enters perpetual de-growth, the creationist money system we have been using for the last 50 years will collapse under a burden of debt interest that has nothing to repay it.
For all Americans under the 70th percentile of annual income, growth has been over for 20 years due to globalization.
Do you have some particulars with which to flesh these comments out?
Whatever is going on,it's only a reflection of what people do when given a construct as we see today.Nothing is set in stone.As an individual yo have infinite options for how to behave.
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