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not enough

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
It is a false hope that we could ever replace all energy with solar and wind. There is not enough raw materials to possibly build out this much hardware.
One more time (one by one it seems). Just for the USA:
130,000 square miles of area, 1.000.000 2.5MW class wind turbines, and 50,000 SolarStar class grid scale 500MW solar farms, and 70,000,000 rooftop solar systems, and a 4% increase in hydro with the new capacity capable to pump store. And an unrealistic quantity of this as split Hydrogen with a new fleet of long haul transport. And still very little percent of storage. Please review "Roadmap to Nowhere" to see the explanation of the facts and figures. They actually did the math.

The Myth of Powering the Nation With Renewable Energy
It's going to happen whether we like it or not.And it won't even be driven by policy.It doesn't even have to be for environmental reasons.
There's money in it and that's all it takes as an incentive in this world.Adam Smith's invisible hand.

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