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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I have mentioned before the chain of dealerships back in the valley that guaranteed $5,000 (or whatever. It changes from time to time) for your trade-in, or, exclusive to that offer, $5,000 off any new car!

Am I the only one to realize that you effectively give them your car for free?
Marketing is a powerful tool, otherwise we wouldn't be inundated with advertisements. They exist to first elicit an emotional response, which is then used to inhibit rational thought. The more strongly emotion is felt, the more careful, slow, and deliberate our response should be. This applies to financial transactions, relationships, politics, responding to forum posts... life.

You'd hate to be around me when TV commercials play. I'm always pointing out the marketing gimmicks, such as "Allstate's Accident Forgiveness". Essentially, they forgive a future accident because you have been paying a higher premium all along. I don't like to bet against myself by paying for something I intend to avoid in the first place.
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